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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  best-10 minutes free skypeout gift away

Internet telephony service Skype is giving away 10 minutes of free SkyeOut credits today.

Skype user to Skype user calls are always free, but there is another function in skype which is skypeout...
SkypeOut credits, which you can purchase at any time, let you call regular ol’ phones outside the Skype network. If you’re a Skype user who hasn’t made the leap to SkypeOut yet, claim your free 10 minutes today and give it a try..through the skypeout gift days programs

On SkypeOut Gift Days you’ll be able to redeem 10 minutes of credit for SkypeOut calls and it won’t cost you a thing. It’s free.

How do I know when it’s a SkypeOut Gift Day?

We wish every day could be a SkypeOut Gift Day, but that would make us bankrupt. So our accountant says we can have 2 more this month.

When one is approaching, we’ll let you know through our website and on We’re planning to have SkypeOut Gift Days throughout July, so keep checking back for details.

How do you claim your SkypeOut credit?

On SkypeOut Gift Days you will find a “get a free Skype gift” button on your account page (if you don't have Skype already, you can download it here). Click on the button before it disappears at the end of the day and, ‘hey presto’, you’ll be able to claim your SkypeOut credit. It’s our little gift to you. We hope you like it.

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