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Thursday, July 28, 2005
  best- free4all.anime / manga

free4all.anime/manga is about the links that I found on the web, and i would like to share. Below are those links, that I manage to get after spending about an hour digging the web. It seems that, finding a site offering anime for download, or manga, all for free is widely available - you simply search using google. You can also find site offering downoad anime / manga, using google and download them via backdoor.

Even though, lot of sites offering downloadable anime / manga, the service of downloading is still making the major drawback. For direct downlod it is much easier, but you'll find out that, the download sometimes seems too long. For BT, the same things actually happen. Sometime you will be able to download fast, some are not so fast. Comparing between the direct download and BT, really don't much help. You just have to find which one you suit, the best.

These are only some of my diggs, you'll find this helpful, maybe not. I don't care.The things is you can experiment those links, find the best to suit you. I think, for someone that really addict, dowloading anime / manga, you should consider yourself for premium / paid service, as these service tend to be private - you'll have the best bandwith, and also more variety of choices.
All the links already tested by me - at a time before. so, expect some changes.

BitTorrent client required - lots of choice of animes, top animes, many active seeders / leechers - tons of anime, offer pay service of ftp downloading, online manga. - anime reviews, manga, news, games, new anime, fanart, screenshots. - dedicated for one piece only

ftp / direct download - pay version but offer lots of anime. - just free subscribe tuk, naruto only: anime and manga - lots of choices,top anime: FMA, Bleach, etc - limited free users, unlimited premium users. for free users, you already have access to best and lots of anime. - best, lots, easy. - best, lots of choices. direct download

manga - for One Piece only, frequently updated, online reading. - news, variety of manga - Bleach only, direct download and BitTorrent anime - best, top, many choices. -best, direct download. top anime - Full Metal Alchemist online reading. - Deathnote, Saiyuki Gaiden, Battle Alita. - online reading, only One Pieve, updated version. - Naruto only, online reading, BitTorrent download

The good news is that, I'll try to update the links for more reliable sites. In term of direct downloading big size file, you'll need to find a site that less people know. For BT, you'll need find more peoples to share. Both can be fast - BT depend on seeders and leechers, direct download depends on bandwith.

so, I hope that will help you. Wait for more links to be updated. Thanks.

-free 4 all-

zoneH (haha..), big impact (tech-news), blackhole (best info), custom (ur customizer), best (entertainment), online tips (quick tips), try ar (must try).

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