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Thursday, July 28, 2005
  best- free4all.send mail
this is not likely I'm giving away free stuff. This is more, giving you tips / tricks. I'm giving you the how-to sending free mail - not email, the real mail, to your friends, or whoever you wish to receive. This trick does work, and have little fun doing it, cause you just don't expect what I'm going to tell you, would happen.

For most of the time, you send a mail, in proper way - write your address, the receivers and also stamp. That's the basic, right?. This trick will have you to send mail in not so good way.heh. For clear explanation refer to the picture, below.

instead of wriitng your address in return section, you simply write whoever-you-want-to-receive address. Fake / fun address, plus without the present of the stamp, will make the post guy, return the mail to the return adrress, which is you receivers address. Note that, you need to put a fake address that seem to be true,

As usual, I'am not responsible for what so ever things that might happen, But I already try many times, and all I can say, it work, without any problem. The more fun is, my friends just shocked.that's all.heh. Try it for yourself. You'll know.

* I'll find this tricks at dr_green's flickr photo. amazing stuff from dr_green.

-free 4 all-

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