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Sunday, July 24, 2005
  best - frust and tension? punch a celeb / torture your boss

...i just wondering what the next post for the "best" would be. then, suddenly i found Punch a and Torture your Boss. both are not really entertain,but it still fun. maybe you need to try them for yourself. then you'll know

Punch a
ok, so there are times that you hate some celebrities (of course, everyone has), or maybe you just got little stress and frust you fav team lost to a guy that makes you really hate him.

there is a way you can channeled your anger safely using the
Basically all you need to do is just choose your celebrities. they are categorized in politics, sport, music, film, etc. there are lots of celeb that surely you hate some of them, and just punch them as many as you like. plus you can alos throw you own personal insult.

also, you can send a link of your hate celeb to your friends and if you realized there is statistics of total punch- you'll know how many people hate those celeb. so have a try. be part of the statistics.

torture your boss.
this is likely for those that have a personal conflict, with your boss. if you hate your boss, then why dont you just torture them- use knife, ciggie, stapler and cosh; make your boss look terrible
but before that, you need to upload your boss photo (potrait orientation, JPEG format and not > 512kb in size), or you can just pick the already victims

there are so many best things in the webs for you to entertain. i'll keep it up to date and links more.

-start your day, with a happy day-


zoneH (haha..), big impact (tech-news), blackhole (best info), custom (ur customizer), best (entertainment), online tips (quick tips), try ar (must try).

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