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Thursday, July 14, 2005
  best- Hotornot + google maps = hot people by zip code
So what HotorNot does is, it enlarge the function of the already exist, google instead of finding the regular stuff in google you also can find people..that you want to meet..according to your description..male..or female..their age…and you’ll find those people by zip code..which mean you can find someone hot in specific area…hehe..and you also can learn more about them and even meet them…heh

So for the how-to you can read it through this link….it is simple and so easy..and much fun..have a try…

-find your who’s hot at your place-


zoneH (haha..), big impact (tech-news), blackhole (best info), custom (ur customizer), best (entertainment), online tips (quick tips), try ar (must try).

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