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Friday, July 22, 2005
  best- Woogle and Toogle: words in pictures and images in text usually anything that related to Google always have so much fun to try and have the. With the identity as a leader in search engine, many developers tend to create/develope enhancement, software, appilcation- all the fun stuff.

this time i'll introduce you another 2 things that fun to try.

the 1st one is Woogle.
Woogle is a search toy based on the ever popular Google Image Search. It creates image messages out of the words in the phrase you entered. In other word, you express what you want not by text but by pictures instead. Plus, the URLs are obfuscated so that you can pass them to your friends without them being able to read the message till they view the page. for more fun, just type in your name, you'll get the picture of your name, that you can use it to be inserted in your site or anyway- let images represent your name. action speaks louder than words. so, do pics speaks louder than words?. you try.

the 2nd one is Toogle
Toogle is a Text version of Googles Image Search. Currently it creates images out of the very term that was used to fetch those images. remember, any results are not the real image, instead image created by combination of text. don't get the idea, so maybe you should try it for yourself. see for example what i did..

The website is not necessarily recommended for children, minors, or other people of a sensitive nature, since it will most likely present content that might be upsetting.

Obviously this site borrows heavily from Googles own layout and design.

for firefox users, you can take Toogle Searcbar for Firefox

-fun Google-


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