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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  big impact- Ladies, BEWARE!!!

The PF can be used in huge number of situations, depending on the user's aims. You may not yet appreciate what the PF is capable of, but remember this: a PF can reveal objects which are otherwise invisible to the human eye. That is, the PF can penetrate many object's outer surface and reveal what lies beneath. Actually, the uses of the PF are unlimited. Even though the PF can't totally penetrate all surfaces, in many cases it can provide some degree of "see-through" ability.

form various condition of experiment, you can see the proof that the PF can barely see through almost any clothes that are usually being wear by many women. these are the proof

The PF is able to see through some types of clothes, for example, thin clothes, tight clothes, sundresses, swimsuits and so forth. Be aware that this means that you can see a person's body or underwear through the external garment. In other words, the PF allows you to "see through" someone's clothes. It is also possible to see through a woman's made-up face as if no lipstick and foundation had been applied.

still, the PF is built in purpose to help the good guy. it is just the application has the probability being misused. here are some of the other use.

but, the most important is that, many users will likely tend to misuse the tech. so anybody need to know about this. next time someone try to catch a pic of you. beware, even the people you trust. coz you might get yourself in the next porn star and having your shameful pics on the web.


-being paranoid, sometimes is good-


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