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Monday, July 25, 2005
  big impact- next gen Windows: Vista
Windows Vista: A clear breakthrough

Windows Vista, is formerly code-named "Longhorn" is now out for Windows Vista beta 1, but currently being released to more than 10 000 beta testers via the Windows Vista Technical Beta Program. Below, are some what Micorsoft claim would be in Vista

Windows Vista is a huge leap forward in personal computing. Advances in reliability, security, ease of deployment, performance, and manageability make it easy to: • Confidently do what you want, when you want, and where you want • Clearly organize your work and play in powerful new ways • Connect seamlessly with other people, devices, and computers Windows Vista has something for everyone. Users will love the fast startup time and even faster return from sleep state. IT departments face fewer user problems and enjoy more automated repair and easier administration. Organizations and enterprises benefit from less downtime, fewer IT hassles, and greater productivity.

These are the links for indepth information about the features that would be offer by Microsoft Windows Vista

Reliability: From prevention through recovery
Security: Defense in depth
Deployment: Image-based setup
Performance: Fast and responsive
Management: Greater control and better tools

The latest information about the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 also being told and informed in the links.

For quick view and idea about what's VIsta gonna look and work. I provide you links to some great screenshot. Remember this is all in beta only. I hope the final product would be 1st, higly secure and then, nice, sleek and handsome. I really like to see that Windows could compete with Apple in terms of graphic. Health fight is always welcome.

image of Control Panel
image of All Documents
image of Virtual Folders
image of Pictures and Videos
image of Search Results
image of Start Menu and Search Results
image of Start Menu

-next gen Windows: Vista-

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