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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  big impact-yahoo!!! for yahoo

haha....If you use yahoo mail, good news is ahead as new features are planned. Read on...

A CNET News Report reveals that the new version of the Yahoo email service will feature e-mail caching to shorten response time, message preview and drag-and-drop filing.

Other features expected are the ability to quickly search e-mail headers, body text and attachments..... also view multiple e-mails at the same time in separate windows, and scroll through all message headers in a folder rather than one page at a time (like gmail?..he). This is in addition to address auto-complete, right-click menus and standard keyboard shortcuts. Also featured is a preview pane and local caching would allow for faster e-mail opening. these is all good news...hehe..
but ar... a limited number (huhu...) of customers will be able to participate in the beta test of the new service in coming weeks and email users will be able to decide on using the new or old version or both.

yeah..till favourite is still gmail..but i still using any new upgarde is welcome..haha...i am using both search, i'm going to use both email services...haha...

thanks to cnipc..

-yahoo vs google???...heh-


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