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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  blackhole-browsers war

Recently..the war of getting shares in internet browser market become more attractive…as not alone dominating the browser market…now, there is competition from the popular firefox..the shares that microsoft ie earned as april 2005..was down to 90 united states only..heh…

cnet had reviewed the six most popular browsers…and all those browsers..were compared side by side…

the most popular browsers…that cnet take a look and compare are the internet explorer (ie)..hehe..of course.., the famous open source firefox.., the first challenger to ie..the netscape..and now come the version of netscape 8.., the apple safari..mac os x operating system,..and finally the opera…both two opera..the free version and the paid one..

And as a plus..another browser actually built upon the Microsoft ie engine- the deepnet explorer

All the reviews is only from the perspective of the famous cnet …you can just use this info to have a deep consideration..of choosing which is best suit for you…

Well, all those browsers…are completely free (except opera advanced version off course) you have the chance to compare them by yourself….and with the emergence of new competitors…we should be the one who have the benefits

To get to know the complete info and explanation…and also the cnet editor’s take…just click the link..

IE vs. the world: six Web browsers compared

-war of the browsers-


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