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Sunday, July 31, 2005
  blackhole- digital photography on the web

Discussion sites

Probably the best way to learn about using your digital camera is by visiting digital photography discussion sites. These communities of digital camera enthusiasts have grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years.

You can find discussion sites geared towards amateurs, mid-level digital photographers, and professionals. The only trouble may be finding the time to read them all.

For beginning digital photographers, heavily-used sites such as Digital Photographers Review ( and Photography-on-the-Net ( are good place to start.

Each has forum categories appropriate for posting questions about learning how to use your digital camera, and each is frequented by enough people so that getting an answer to your questions does not involve a lot of waiting.

Those put off by the sheer size of he largest discussion sites have good options as well.

Digital photography discussion sites such as ( and Fred Miranda Forums ( cater to those who want more of a close-knit community atmosphere. bills itself as “your friendly photo community” and its crew of enthusiasts are generally eager to help. While Fred Miranda is so heavily moderated that those who post stay on topic and remain courteous.

The veteran ( is a mainstay in the bookmark list of many digital photographers. Its forum are somewhat outdated in format, but it continues to draw professional photographers from around the world, as does the pro-oriented (

-digital photography on the web-

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