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Sunday, July 10, 2005
  blackhole-A Keyboard with a board, without keys..

so..the founder of Metadot Corporation- Daniel Guermeur, an open source software company, has invented the das keyboard…(hehe..das in german word…so in english it means the keyboard..duh..)

das keyboard is an enhanced 104-key usb pc keyboard equipped with…as I said before..100 percent blank keys..heh…this keyboard works perfect with windows, linux, and mac os

the good things about this keyboard is that..since it is completely blank..with no keys at all…there is no user for you to look..anymore to the keyboard..this will encourage your brain to quickly adapt and memorize..all the key positions..instead of looking them all the first…it may sound ridiculous ..and hard to be done…but..after a period of’ll find yourself typing a lot faster…and as a plus…more accuracy …

the keyboard was invented after series of this is surely..something good..

but having this keyboard..will mostly..frustrate the users…so this gadget..haha..surely for those geeks out there…anyway..I’m buying this keyboard…hehe..

-a Keyboard with a board, without keys-


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