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Monday, July 18, 2005
  blackhole- Portable firefox-bring your own firefox everywhere

....Portable Firefox is a fully functional package of firefox optimized for use on a usb drive..what really good is it has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform
faster and also extend the life of your usb well as..a specialized launcher that will allow most of your favorite extensions to work…as you switch computers will also work from a CDRW drive (in packet mode) drives, external hard drives, some MP3 players, flash RAM cards and more
Note: it will not run from a read-only media like a CD-R, but Portable Firefox Live will.

Download Portable Firefox 1.0.6 Beta [en-US](.zip) (5.68Mb download / 7.55Mb installed)

There are also additional options for further customization..avaiable options are flash plugin, shockwave plugin, bookmark synchronizer, local homepage, anonymous profile, etc…all the instructions to have all the plugins..were the site..

Future plans for this portable firefox are multi-os install, full theme support and sync utility….

I suggest you check and read carefully the sections of installation/use, upgrading, copying your local profile and also the known issues..all articles in those sections..really important for you to know…before having the portable firefox..heh

This is an unofficial package (windows-only for now). It is an official build, but has been modified and a specialized launcher added to make extensions portable. No warranty is expressed or implied.

Any common issues, recommendations, comments or questions can be directed to the current Portable Firefox mozillaZine thread, or support page.

And may be interested in Portable Thunderbird, Portable Sunbird, Portable NVU and Portable OpenOffice.

Get Firefox!

-spread firefox by make it portable-


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