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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  blackhole-talking search engine

haha...So maybe you’ve heard of a talking dog, a talking bird…but now brace yourself for the talking Search Engine!.

Aim at helping the blind make full use of the resources available on the internet, comes to the fore.

At first glance it made me wonder how in the world a blind person is going to type in
a word to search in the first place?! probably using braille keyboard i guess.

Speegle is powered by Panavox , a
text to speech technology.

Panavox is:

“PanaVox™ is a ground breaking technology in Website accessibility and instant communication by voice. Catch the attention of your web user and tell them what to do next. When is it better to serve a page as speech for whatever reason you can use our service now.”

Panavox also powers Speakwire a text to speech RSS reader.

Going back to Speegle, it’s a pretty handy tool, and it also comes with a malefemale voice choice. and

The question is why choose a name similar to Google?, and it actually
gives out the exact same result as google, maybe one for google to buy over than?

Check it out for yourself:

-have a chat with your engine-


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