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Thursday, July 14, 2005
  custom-answering machine for skype users

..SAM is a simple yet powerful voice answering machine for skype users..whenever you’re not using you can always let your skype run..and receive and recorded message from any skype user..

SAM included features are:

- Free for all to enjoy
-Supports Window 2000 & XP
- Uses dedicate software audio device (included) for compatibility with all
sound cards and USB phone devices
- Simple installation
- Straight forward configuration
- User Interface Localization - currently supported 24 languages
- User configurable text & voice greeting messages
- User configurable global answering mode: Enable or Disable
- User configurable answering On or Off for Skype™'s online mode
- User configurable delay before answering incoming calls
- User configurable voice message recording duration anywhere between 0 and 10 hours!!
- Option for a separate set of configurations for non-buddy callers
- Notification of operational status using changing icons in the system tray
- Recorded voice message information:
- Caller Name, ID and Skype™ Online Status
- Time of Call
- Duration
- Icon indicating if the message is new or has been heard
- Mute control of speakers while incoming call is answered
- User can "Force Answering of Call" by SAM while incoming call is ringing
- User can "Take Control over Call" from SAM while voice greeting is played
or during recording the callers voice message
Note: This feature is inconceivable in Skype™'s VM architecture !!!
- 'Play all New Message' with the hit of one button when you return to computer
- Run multiple instance of SAM under different Windows users

Download your SAM now


Message list dialog window and Options dialog window

Advanced options dialog window

-have your own voice recording machine for skype-


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