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Sunday, July 31, 2005
  custom- customize your Firefox
Firefox already a good browser (for me), for the time being, Firefox is not showing any problem, plus it is become more acceptable and reliable. The standard / default settings already give a joyride in the web.

But wait.. there are more you can do, which I mean tweak your Firefox. Tweak is always related to something like modification that always promise good result. But, remember not all tweak happens good to all user. So, play safe.

For firefox, it is easy to tweak it. For most the time, you don't need any third party software. But, you need to know about the "about:config". Almost from this, you can change the preferences and the default settings. What's about:config?

about:config is a special location that lists all application preferences (read from "prefs.js" and "user.js"), many of which are not present in Options/Preferences dialog. Preferences can also be changed here. List of preferences and what they do click the link.

opening about:config by typing "about:config" (of course without the quote) in the location / address bar. Then hit enter. You'll in. After you are in the about:config window, you need to know about all the entries in the about:config located at here. Read the entries carefully. These entries will work on Firefox and Mozilla Suite.

For me, knowing and learn those entries really help me customize my Firefox to suit me. It is always good for you to try. You might come out something creative.

more details visit the mozillZine.

Warning: Changing these values can, in rare circumstances, break Mozilla Suite, Firefox, or Thunderbird or cause strange behavior. Only edit these preferences if you know what you are doing.

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