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Thursday, July 14, 2005
  online tips- Avoiding PSA’s in google adsense

So you want to make money with google adsense, but sometimes you see PSA’s- known as Public Service Ads on your pages. PSA are displayed because adsense can’t find suitable ads for your page

PSA is bad if you want to make money by google ads in your site, because:

  1. there are no payments for clicks on PSA’s. so doesn’t care if you have a good CTR (click through ratio), it doesn’t making you money.
  2. it spoils the look of your site. For example, you placed a big 160x600 vertical banner that should show 5 ads, but the PSA ads replace with big monocolour fonts

so there are steps to avoid getting PSA:

1. post a good content with rich keywords related to the topic that interesting. Google is always a very good fan of rich content sites.

2. ensure that META tags like ‘title’ and ‘description’ and the headings tags like h1, h2 etc have good content which matches the rest of your site. This is one of the main way google judges your pages content.

3. try to add specific keywords that you know google bot would interest, determine and understand the content of your site. Repeat the related keywords which will better help to understand site content. Do not fill pages with similar keywords. Enrich your content with popular keywords.

4. try to keep the entire site focused on a particular theme, so that even if the content on particular page is less, the ads will show.

5. do not place multiple ad units if there are not sufficient ads to display on all of them. Google TOS do not allow placing more than 3 ad units on a page

-PSA, Public Service Ads-


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