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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  online tips-easily create favIcon

..favicon is simply a tiny icon that reside just next to your address bar. You can recognized this everytime you visit sites. For example,for the time you are being in my site, you should notice that there is a favicon “er_” next to you address bar. If you have your own site, why don’t you put your favicon. It is free, and yet simple to do.

Favicon also appeare on the Internet Explorer's Favorites menu and and page tabs of Mozilla based browsers.

All you need to is 1st you need to go to the site through this link and just follow the easy instuctions

To add the favicon to your web page:

That's it! To test your new icon in Internet Explorer 5/6+, bookmark your web page and reopen the page. To test it in Netscape 6+ or other Mozilla 1+ based browser, simply open your web page and watch the address bar or the page tab. More information is available on the help page and the Favicon Validator page.


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