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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  online tips-fix right click disabled

haha..i'm have undoubtedly visited several sites..and yeah sometimes you like the pictures, and wanted to save a copy or two...hehe.. but..some sites make your right click disabled to prevent copying images or other right click similar tasks.hehe..fortunately...Firefox fixes this for you...

Usually a simple javascript code in the pages disables right click. right click becomes useful in framed sites if you want to see properties, open frame in new window, use the number of right click additions to the menu, save images, save or bookmark the page and the list is endless...heh..that's great right..heh...

before this, if you are really interested in getting hold of that image, you had to view the framed pages source, then go to the target frame page, see its page source and then get hold of the image url. nah....that's a mess...and now you really dont need to do that anymore..why?...hahah...because we have firefox tutor in da house...heh..

Firefox tutor gives this tip to enable right click on such pages

"By default Firefox lets websites block the context menu, but you can change this option easily. Go ahead and click Tools > Options. And go to the Web Features tab. Here you will see many checkboxes. Look at the bottom one that says “Enable Javascript”. There should be an Advanced button next to it. If you want to continue you’re going to have to click the Advanced button…Once you do you get a little tiny window that has even more checkboxes! There is one in there that says Disable or replace context menus. Uncheck this box."

Now that was amzingly great... you can have your own pictures of collection..maybe you ca n save them in specific folder named...nah, maybe "stolen pictures"...or "bad-way-taking

thanks to firefox tutor

-fix your firefox-


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