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Saturday, July 16, 2005
  online tips- Google adsense for feeds: contextually targeted advertising for RSS & Atom

Feeds are a simple way for web publishers to syndicate their online content. Because of that, google adsense has launched beta testing adsense for feeds to allow web publishers to further monetize your feeds through contextually targeted advertising. It works on the same principle as ads units of google adsense, getting ads based on the text content.

It seems that users sometimes read your posts in news and feed aggregators and blog subscribing services like bloglines, feedster etc they cannot see your google adsense ads on your blog as such services use your RSS or atom feed which does not have these ads. Now you can receive payment for the original content when it is distributed in a feed..

A set of best practice to help you get the most out of adsense feeds::

  1. Syndicate the full text of your articles
  2. don’t include more than one ad unit per article
  3. place the ad unit at the end of articles
  4. include terms and conditions on the use of your feeds

if you’re interested, just fill out an application. You need more than 100 active feed subscribers to qualify for participation in adsense for feeds. Just use the feedburner readers count in your blog to know how many subscribers do you have.

-adsense for feed-


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