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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  online tips- Google referral program: earn $20 for adsense / adwords sign up

Surely you know a lots about google adsense. You may no adwords. Another google program: google referral program you may not heard yet.

Google referral works by giving approved sites unique links to google. The links is use to compensate the referring site for passing on a new adwords advertiser or adsense publisher. You just like being a promoter of the google adsense / google adwords programs.

To start, just simply apply for the program. Filling up form and agreeing the terms and conditions. Wait for google approved and banner and link tracking code will be given to you, also the installation process.

You earn money when visitors to your site clicks on the links / graphics (which then will be redirected to google sign-up page) and that person signs up for adwords accounts or applies to become an adsense publisher

Advertisers qualify as completed referrals after they spend $20 with adwords, while publishers qualify after they earn $75 in adsense revenue.

As for you, you earn $20 for each advertisers or publisher you refer. More details in FAQ

-alternative way of money-making-


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