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Friday, July 22, 2005
  online tips- Increase money by using high paying keywords

Google adsense is well known as a high paying money making program on the web. But, the money you make depends on the money advertisers willing to pay for that keyword, and the commission which google makes of it. has a list of top paying searches ..(check also related topic of high paying keywords add by google..heh). some words are asbestos cancer, mesothelioma etc, are known favorites of webmasters, which are rumoured to have >50 dollars per click.

Keywordsense offers another list of high paying keywords. The prices are not mentioned. Several high paying keyword lists are in circulation, but none have confirmed pricing- because the price varies with the time and region and your are not allowed to disclose the exact price per click received as per terms of adsense.

Some site stuffed with such high paying keywords, just for money making. But remember that such efforts may be against adsense program policies, terms of service or webmaster guidelines, that result in being removed from the high paying program. So create a good content site which automatically have all relevant keywords, instead.

The dynamic of the advertising game: if keyword is rare and few competing advertisers have fewer sites to show them, higher will be the keyword price. As more people make webpages and the competition goes down, as all advertisers get clicks from a large number of pages without paying more, the cost of the keyword goes down.that is the simple basic of advertising. Keywords are high paying today, may pay much less over time. Advertisers will pay more if they can get back much more money from surfers who enter their site after paid clicks.

Another important factor is how much does google keep and how much does it pay you of the money it makes. Although a keyword may be high priced for the advertisers, the adsense user maybe getting much less. But it seems they pay a fair share of your efforts, much better than most advertising programs. Remember that, prices may vary per region.

Bid tool is a quick way to determine how much advertisers are willing to pay for selected keywords. But keyword prices of both these tools vary. If you want to find keywords for your sites, you may find the keyword selector useful. Google suggest also offers excellent suggestions for what keywords people are searching.

-find yourself high priced keywords-


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