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Thursday, July 14, 2005
  online tips- Must-know for adsense publisher

Being the adsense publishers there are thing that you need to know and caution. So there are the things you need to be aware of (tips of improving the adsense ads and the wrong doing) :

  1. place ads only content pages. Advertiser only pay content based ads. Content drives relevant ads. Although you manage some clicks from error, login, registration or welcome page, parking pages or pop ups, it will get you out of the program.
  2. do not mask ad elements. While blending the ad with your site is a good idea, hiding relevant components of the ads is not permitted. Do not block visibility of ads by overlapping images, pop ups, tables, etc.
  3. do not send your ads by email. Html formatted emails look good and allow placement of these javascript ads. But it is no allowed. They know by checking their logs.
  4. keep track of your content. Adsense is not allowed on several non content pages. It is also not allowed on several content pages too. Do not add on web pages with MP3, video, news groups, image results. Also exclude any pornographic, violent, or illegal content.
  5. do not alter the results after ad clicks or searches. Do not frame, minimize, remove, redirect or otherwise inhibit the full and complete display of any advertiser page or search results page after the user clicks on any ads or search results.
  6. avoid excessive advertising and keyword stuffing.keywords stuffing does target better focused ads, but overdoing it is not required.
  7. make sure your language is supported. Check the adsense supports language. If your web pages language is not supported, do not use the code on such pages.

These is only a guides for you off course. I wish that this will help you. Good luck.

-better ask the google adsense staff.-


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