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Thursday, July 14, 2005
  online tips- The must-not-do as google adsense publisher

Google adsense surely an income source for many sites. Web publishers may too much excited that they do not realized that they violated / misused the program that can cause your adsense account to be terminated.

Don’t ever think that the adsense staff would not find your wrong doing (if there is off course). So these are helpful reminders all summarize from the program policies, terms and conditions and FAQ that may some of you miss at the first place (signing up time).

  1. never click your own ads or get them clicked for whatever reason. Never tell your office associates or friends even your family to click on them. Make sure that your family and closed friends are not in attempt to increase your income by clicking your ads, which in irony stop your income instead. Don’t ever think offering incentives for clicks, using an automated clicking tools, or other deceptive software. Adsense is surely smart to detect those fraudulent clicks. Check the ads, appear on your pages by the google preview tool if required.
  2. never change the adsense code. For customization use only the already given by google adsense program. Changing code will results in the code stop to work and violates the TOS.
  3. do not place more than 3 ad unit and 1 ad link or 2 search boxes on any web page. Actually, ads will not appear everytime you want to do that. That’s the limit provided by the adsense
  4. do not run competitive contextual text ad or search services on the same site which offer google adsense competition in their field. Do not create links resembling the adsense ads. Never use other competitive search tools on the same page. They do allow affiliate or limited-text links
  5. do not disclose confidential information about your account like the CTR, CPM an income derived via individual ad units. You may reveal the total money you make as per recent updates to the TOS.
  6. label headings as ‘sponsored links’ or ‘advertisements’ only. Other labels are not allowed at all.
  7. never launch a new page for clicked ads by default. Adsense ads should be open on the same page. You may be using a base target tag to open all links in a new window for frame by default. Correct it now.
  8. one account suffices for multiple websites. No need 5 accounts for 5 different sites. You can keep track of clicks by using channels with real time statistics. They will automatically detect the new sites and display relevant ads.

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-making money is no big deal. Having site you like is all that matters-


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