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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  online tips-print you screen the print screen button position on the top right part of most keyboards along with the scroll lock and pause break key…

if you are windows users…whenever you click the print screen can capture or take a

photo of all content of your desktop screen…and this image is attached to the clipboard

then you just paste this to any image editing software…in can just simply use the freely available…the windows paint…located at start>all programs>accessories>paint….

The whole image will be pasted..just select your area of interest…crop it..

Then save the image..

There is also optional freeware editing software..which is the irfan do with this application…just paste the image…drag it to anywhere you want …crops the image..and finally save it.

There are several professional image capture software like the snagit..just click the link..that I provide for in depth information about snagit vs print screen key…which compare and show the advantages and disadvantages both two programs

But what really do the best is..that using the print screen key really great…have a try..then you’ll got your known creativity ..right..??

-print your screen-


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