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Sunday, July 17, 2005
  online tips- Things to avoid in google adsense money-making

When you try to make some revenue using google adsense ads, PSA’s- best known as Public Service Ads is good to be avoid. Because PSA simply doesn’t make money for you

Things you must while making money using google adsense:

1. google may take time to crawl to your site. Google takes up to 48-72 hours to access the content of newly created webpage. Most of the times the ads show instantly. This occurs coz you site has not been indexed by google. Google claims that ads will get better and more focused to your pages with time.
2. your page may content objectionable content, that maybe against google adsense policies. Look for any objectionable keywords or phrases that may present accidentally. Remove such content can cause PSA’s to disappear
3. your site maybe using a robots.txt file, that may not properly set up, preventing adsense crawler form crawling to your web pages. Simply add the following lines to the top of your robots.txt file.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google* Disallow:

4. frames occasionally cause difficult in indexing your page. Remember to tick the framed page from the ad layout page when generating your ad mode. Similarly IFRAME’s also prevent effective indexing and cause PSA’s
5. there may not any ads configured to show in your region. Ads that may be working in United States, maybe showing PSA’s in Indonesia. This is happen because google adwords payers can select regions where to display their ads- they believe their target surfers are. Try using the google adsense preview tool (ie only) which helps to determine probable ads in different regions
6. recheck your adsense code. Make sure it is inserted properly. Do not ever attempt to modify the code in any wat, as it is against their terms of service. Use only the official code available from their site.
7. remove session ID’s from urls. This feature is in place to allow you to block any competitors ads from showing on your pages. If too many urls are blocked, there may not any advertisers left to display ads
8. use the google adsense sandbox tool. Enter the url or keywords in the box, you’ll see up to 20 sample adsense ads for the url keywords

official way to hide PSA’s
1. suggest as alternate colour display instead of your PSA. This will show an empty space with the background colour you suggest
2. suggest an alternate personal ad to display instead PSA, if there is insufficient content occur.
3. place a collapsible ad. This ad will collapse and not show any PSA at all

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