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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  try ar-microsoft time zone
haha....this is a tip to simplified the way you can keep track the time in any other part of the world...and off course wihout changing your default time system...oh yeah...this is great....

microsoft time zone helps to keep track time in other countries/ the world anywhere...and you can easily view those time...without ever changing the default heh.. is giving something cool...hard to believe...hate every products come from bill gates...haha....nah, just give it a try ok..

once you have download and install, a small tray icon will appeared, that allows you to set as many as five cities to watch the time, while you are working on your microsoft time zone application also lets you compare times without any hard of doing a change in your system time..

just a reminder...requires .NET Framework 1.1 and Windows XP...more info go to the download site..

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