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Friday, July 08, 2005
  try ar-site disasters

utm attacked by troops from mars!! crashed by an unknown sex dino!!! a flood at yahoo...
urgh..cow shits!!..what in hell is happening ...haha..the net is even more dangerous..viruses...spyware..trojan..and now..meteors, dog poop, chainsaw, worms and even spilled coffee .heh...
haha..thsi is act, a simple trick to start a healthy day..(forget dr. fadhilah kamsah lect..haha)..

little stress, tension n not feeling good ..let them fly away by destroying ur top hated guys/ ur target (site address)..go a plenty of choices disasters...and have a good day.. give the blue death screen?..just launch nukes..heh..but too bad there's no sound..huhu..

Netdisaster is a web filter; it's a fun toy only.Netdisaster overlays an animation that simulates the destruction of the target-site by a disaster. The animation can go on automatically, or via mouse-control.
nah..dont worry this just for fun..the actual page is neither altered, nor harmed or even stored by Netdisaster..(noticed the toolbar and the url at the ad bar)... So, in a few words: no, Netdisaster is no hacking or craking tool, and is not meant for hackers, nor for crackers.

-healthy lifestyle-


zoneH (haha..), big impact (tech-news), blackhole (best info), custom (ur customizer), best (entertainment), online tips (quick tips), try ar (must try).

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