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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  zoneH- 10th report virus myths

haha…gotcha…haha…why?..coz this one is actually true..haha…(I told sure got it wrong…heh)..…this one is not going to be is a fact..the truth one…not a myth..yeah..and fyi, 3 or 4 countries (I think there are lots more..heh) do have state-sponsored hackers. But, I really shouldn’t name these countries by name, but many of them are known to be hostile to the united states in other ways. Some of these same countries sponsor hackers in order to give us a little trouble..heh…bad things..heh..really??

official attempt to disrupt and break into foreign information technology go back at least as far as the british code breakers who figured out the nazi “enigma” encryption machine in world war 2…the adversaries have changed over the years, but their struggle has kept pace with the development of cyberspace, and it continues today…just remember…this is the truth..the fear one......haha..

-government is good in keeping secret, a secret…heh-


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