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Thursday, July 07, 2005
  zoneH-2nd report virus myths
haha..repot dah kuar la..huh..cuak lak..heh.tuk 2nd ++ myths ..explanation..dlm bi la..bro2 jamie ngan adam tak reti cakap melayu la..aku dah tak sanggup nak bace je la..haha..

the 2nd of 10 myths about computer out..fuh..heh
the mythbusters are bust the myth..
what exactly is the 2nd myth..well, there is an idea that "viruses are capable of hiding inside data file" are viruses truly can hide inside data files..who tell?. heh..

hmm.., well i must say ia agree, in term of the theory, which is possible....bro jamie and adam also agreed but..claimed that they have not heard of such no concrete evidences...yet, for now, viruses hide inside computer programs- and in the places where programs normally out (such as the boot sector of a floppy disk or hard drive) we files are not executuable, and viruses need to be executed, so we can say that viruses only hide in executable programs files...

but.....hehe..there are macro viruses found in word and excel documents, which we know are data files..but other than this, generally tell viruses do not live inside data, for now the mythbusters..said this is just myth (excluding the word and excel case), once more the myth is busted..haha..

3rd myth: pictures can give you computer pe lagi..come on this a fact..or just a myth..another misconception..haha

-data files, wait n see: virus-

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