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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  zoneH-3rd report virus myths is time again for the next myth about computer viruses...3 already..still 7 to, do you ever heard that "pictures can give you computer viruses"..well, it really doesnt matter...coz, ... that is the next guys, it is the time again to meet the mythbusters....he the

report says
nope, well, not are just data files that read by special programs.but...heh..someday, someone may come up with a picture file format that accommodates the inclusion of computer insturctions (remember the 2nd myth!!!..) - for whatever purpose someone dreams up...haha..yeah..

are you thinking "macro virus" right now? am i. anytime someone comes up with a way to store data that includes a place for simple computer instructions (like microsoft word and excel do), then the risk of malicious intructions becomes a real,which one you are?..the one that doesnt bother...or the one that cant wait for that time....heh.. -pictures always give joy and happiness, and that include viruses..haha-

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