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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  zoneH-4th myth about computer viruses
Haha…I’m going to get in trouble with this one. Some expert out there is going to have a good counter-argument, but for the most part, this fear is false…it is just a myth after all…haha…(got it right???..hehe)..

Here is how it looks from the virus writer’s perspective: why aim for the hardware when there is so much brittle software that can be damage? Go for the easy target first. Besides, if the virus hurts the hardware, how’s it going to spread itself any further?...haha.even the biological viruses have a behavior of spreading themselves as to many host as they can… got the logic rite…and that is why people call this threat as virus..because the same behavior…heh..i think so...

The purist would argue that a virus can damage computer hardware by giving it instructions that make the system misuse some part of itself (i.e by writing excessively to the hard drive), but few such hardware-eating viruses have been released. This is partly because there are so many different types, makers, and formats of computer hardware that one virus would be hard put to trash all of them. Besides, nearly all computer hardware has built-in safeguards that prevent any real damage….

But if you don’t agree and do get a virus and see sparks of flames..shooting out of your computer or keyboard (haha….), please catch it on video and send it to me…haha….

Anyway, from my perception this myth is busted…the reasons…as I explain before…haha…

-hardware antivirus???..haha-


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