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Sunday, July 10, 2005
  zoneH-6th report virus myth

if your computer stops, it could be because of a virus, but I doubt it. Bottom line: it’s in a virus best interest to let the computer continue to operate so the virus can continue to use the computer to spread itself to other computers.

The best biological viruses in nature (hehe..what a concept)..are like this too. If they kill their host too quickly, there goes their opportunity to spread. A better biological virus- like a computer virus- will perhaps just make its host sick, but still well enough to keep spreading the virus….

That said, a virus writer could construct a virus that caused severe data damage only after it had been on the computer for an extended period time. However, there is the risk ( to the virus writer actually…heh) that the virus might be detected and eliminated by antivirus software prior to the time it is programmed to inflict damage.

If my computer stopped. I’d suspect hardware or windows, in that order. I keep my antivirus program, firewalls…( hardware and software), and antispyware software in good working order, so I’d suspect a virus last of all…hehe…so from the long explanation..really2 hope that …next time whenever your computer…stopped…never associated the virus, being the only things that can make that..hardware failure must also be considered… viruses are bad..that for sure..but they are not that bad…hehehe….when you think in the positive way..they can be good…haha…

In conclusion…this myth is totally busted….thats all….duh

fyi, if you are looking for the previous myths about computer viruses...start from the 1st till the latest…I have made links for you to read the articles (..all the reports from the mythbusters..hehe) …you can check for them under zoneH category…hehe..…I can ensure you all the reports are really important for you to that, next time you’ll not misunderstood/ have the misconception about the viruses…rite..

-bad things do produce good things-


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