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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  zoneH-7th report virus myths think you got an antivirus software.and that's protect your computer...wrong answer. Even with antivirus software, several different factors can still mean that a virus can get in and/or hide in your computer:

1. if you fail to keep your antivirus signatures up to date, then any new virus may be able to get inside your computer.

2. if the “real time” antivirus mechanism in your antivirus software is turned off or deactivated (..this can and does happen in the real world from time to time), then the virus can walk right into your computer while the antivirus program is sleeping.

3. a brand- new virus can get into your computer even if you keep your antivirus signatures up to date. Remember, it can take a few days or longer for the antivirus software companies to detect, capture and dissect new viruses before they can update their signature files. Even then, your computer will be protected only after it downloads the new signature file from the antivirus software company.

4. if you’ve been running your computer prior to getting antivirus software and you’ve been put any files on it from any outside source- even if you’ve never connected to the internet- there could already be a virus on your computer. If you don’t follow the installation procedures and skip the all-computer scan that most antivirus programs want to do when they’ve first installed, it’s possible that a virus that you caught earlier is still be lurking in there.

So, the most important task..and the most people ignore…is that one must update their antivirus software..
imagine that the antivirus as a guard in your big company..(your system)…and you have…your own enemies…and imagine that the enemies are the viruses…so,for your guard to do his good job..he need to have descriptions (virus singnatures) of your that..none of your enemies could enter your company..doing any damage..and this guard must have the latest descriptions of the enemies (new viruses)…which mean need to be update…got the logic already…caution..antivirus…without the latest virus useless…yep..useless..and also..

never have in mind that…you can’t get any viruses even your are not online to the internet…viruses will spread through any medium they can live with…anyway..hehe..i never forget to say the magical words…this myth is totally busted…haha..

-no one will completely safe and protected, even the antivirus company or/and security experts-


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