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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  zoneH-8th report virus myths

well, as I said before…this myth really hard to bust ..hehe..but, I must say that I disagree with all the statements that say that all (heh..most of them anyway)..
haha..okay word game aside, some viruses exist only to replicate themselves, and other than that, they do nothing harmful…

but a purist would say that even these are harmful, because they upset their computer’s feng shui…hehe..a system with even a benign virus is tainted, and there could someday be some unintended consequence of that. I said…bro adam and jamie find really hard to come to a conclusion…whether this is a

myth……even the cyber-philosophers argument last hours..and come to an end with no conclus


there is no much proof to say both way..myth or fact..but for me …this is a myth..and myth is meant to be ..this myth is busted…hahaha…don’t even agree with me..i accept that…heh..

-viruses are not so bad after all-


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