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Friday, July 08, 2005
  zoneH-free antivirus antivirus to try..i have done my test-drive..these two compete very closed with branded one.

1st. avg antivirus:-
avg has very fast detection engine.(my scan average 20 mins for 180k files).quite odd interface.consume high in ram(depend on ur system)..not frequently update .. virus def slow to be out for download...very much capable of removing virus...but..still it is expect some fact, 1 out of 3 of my friends claimed that..avg brings lots of problems than fixing them..but i still used it and install it at my problems at it still worth to try..3 out of 5..heh.

2nd bitdefender:-
bitdefender is very good antivirus.. not very fast.. but really doing well when it comes to detect viruses..(test by avg show it missed 2 viruses..while bitdefender found all of them)..very cool and clean interface..(for me).application launches very fast.....frequently update ..which is important (i'm little paranoid..heh) virus def offered almost every day...and plus ram consumed is average..heh
i'll give bitdefender 4 out of 5

other antivirus (avast, etc)..also good.but for me it not suit for home user..avast antivirus is so much annoying when it always ask permission on every single task..including deleting files!! (too protective..huh)..maybe for the paranoid users..heh..but hey..
sometimes it is good to be paranoid..

for the bitdefender i have installed the home edition...i paid only RM68 for 3 years licence..haha..and off course it's original one..(during promotion at pc fair..heh).so bitdefender really a very good antivirus..really2 good..thats what i can, for better protection i highly recommend using bitdefender.....


zoneH (haha..), big impact (tech-news), blackhole (best info), custom (ur customizer), best (entertainment), online tips (quick tips), try ar (must try).

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