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Saturday, July 09, 2005
  zoneH-pass the NTpassword
haha..this is a tutorial on how to break(reset actually) ur admin/any password..heh..or kindly reset any/admin password..yeah, in case u forgot/lost it...nah long as ur purpose is to get access into any computer, in a good way or not so good way..heh... i said.any computer...either u have the right privilage to get in..or not..u have the power...haha...
all u need only a single floppy disk/cd ...a computer with floppy/cd case..the computer didnt have floppy drive use cd instead..vice versa..heh.(doing bad never been easier now..heh)..and nt password..yeah..this is the program that will be used to reset the password..
remember this is not hacking/cracking..ur password is not going to be cracked..only reset.(for cracking password, i'll talk later..hehe)

so 1st dowload the program at here..unzip it..there should be 3 files..bdxxxxxx.bin (the floppy image) and rawrite2.exe (the image writing program), and install.bat which uses rawrite2 to write the .bin file to flopp..insert a floppy (note:this will delete all previous data) install.bat..follow the copy the needed file to make in the iso image..burn the ISO-image (do not just add it to cd)..there should be an option like "burn image" use that..done..ur tool is ready..

then, start the computer (ur target), change boot drives in bios that the 1st boot sequence is floppy/cd (depend on what u use)..make the computer boot from the floppy/cd..and u should see a program has launch..just follow the insturctions..and walla..u done..

more details/faq/probs...visit on tutorial + screenshots.
..or just ask me..haha.....

-doing big thing by thinking small-

zoneH (haha..), big impact (tech-news), blackhole (best info), custom (ur customizer), best (entertainment), online tips (quick tips), try ar (must try).

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