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Monday, August 29, 2005
  blackhole- Fraudulent use of technology on the rise

Nothing is impossible with today’s technology.

In the mobile phone space, taking pictures has been made easier, secretive and pervasive with the increased multimedia functionalities of the phone. Within minute, you can take a picture of your new care and send the image to your friend anywhere using you camera phone.

Not everyone is excited about the increased sophistication of camera phones, especially those whose pictures were taken surreptitiously by camera phone users.

Soon when video and sound recording become mainstream features of camera phones, there is bound to be more mischief. That’s the reason why tourists are forbidden to bring their camera phones to some tourist attractions in certain countries. It is fraudulent use of camera phones that has triggered alarm bells in many countries.

As with any new development, some elements of the population find anti-social uses for technology always at the expense of those who are vulnerable.
The potential for misuse is considerable when you consider that camera phones can be taken into places where cameras are banned such as courtrooms, changing rooms and showers, research labs, military facilities, hospitals and jails.

Furthermore, perpetrators have the capacity to “snap and send” in silence since images can be instantly sent to the Internet of another phone, enabling users to publish the images to a wide audience or to transmit commercially-sensitive information.

When you consider that mobile phones are rapidly moving towards integrated video and sound capabilities and enhanced computing functionality, you’re not just talking about a camera, but a sophisticated surveillance device.

For example, when you invite a tradesperson into you home to quote on a job, you look at the phone clipped to his belt and call it a tool of trade. But consider that he could now record and send to the Internet the contents of your closet or your drawers of the way you live.

We can’t just assume it will sort itself out. We need guidelines protocols and maybe technology to control these features or alert us when they’re in use.
-regulations and guidelines to protect the people-

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