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Friday, August 12, 2005
  blackhole-Some games make boys bad

most studies done on violence and videogames support the conclusion that violent games can increase aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents especially boys.

An analysis of 20 years of research shows that the effects can be both immediate and long-lasting.

One study show that children who played a violent game for less than 10 minutes and then took a mood assessment test rated themselves with aggressive traits and aggressive actions shortly after playing.

teachers of 600 eighth and ninth graders, aged 13 to 15, said children who spent more time playing violent videogames were more hostile than other children and more likely to argue with authority figures and other students

the findings, presented at annual meeting of American Psychological Association, prompted the group to adopt a resolution recommending that all violence be reduced in videogames and interactive media marketed to children and youth.

Additionally, the APA also encourages parents, educators and health care providers to help youth make more informed choices about which games to play.

Bad example

videogames set a bad example and may be particularly influential a player takes on the roles of heroes and villains, violent and otherwise.

Perpetrators of violence go unpunished 73% of the time in all violent scenes, the group said. Showing violence acts without consequences teach youth that violence is an effective means of resolving conflict.

“Only a handful” of the studies examined found no connection between violence and violent videogames.

The findings are similar to those seen for violent television shows. Studies found the biggest factor linking television violence and actual aggression was the child understands of the violence.

It is the way you perceive the violence and how you deal with the kids and help them understand reality.

Parents can sit with children and explain cartoons or television shows to them – something the APA and others groups recommend doing. but this is more difficult to with videogames.

Similar finding

In Singapore, a recent study revealed that hard-core videogame players show increased levels of aggression, and that male aged 17 to 20 are most at risk of addiction

Game addicts typically are unable to stop playing even when they know they should be doing something else, constantly obsess over games, engage conflict with parents and other family members, and need to play more and more to get their fix.

Because game addiction is such a new field, there aren’t widely accepted clinical criteria, unlike established addictions like gambling.

Strong correlation emerged between long hours spent gaming and aggression, manifesting itself as a willingness to resort to physical violence, inability to control temper and increased hostility and suspicion toward others.

It is advised that parents or other loved ones to seek an attractive alternative to the videogame obsession, such as pet.

Also a recommended flexible target such as winning one game or finishing a quest instead o limiting the gamer’s time.

-bad boys-

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