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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  blackhole- update
Camera phones: realistic morphing
An application that MNC wireless will be launching soon is Moblife P-Unit, an entertainment app which allows users to put mugshots in an illustrated background or even give the person in the photo a new “look”.

Mobile P-Unit deals with face morphing and it’s quite high-tech in that it really recognise where the face in the photo fits and also where the facial features are.

US celcos seek profit in music services
Now cellphones are offering streaming music, with access to online music stores on the way.

MyGamma creating a new buzz in town
A new trend is catching on among mobile phone users: being part of a mobile community such as MyGamma.

Playing LAN games over the Internet
Many games that are playable over the Internet have their own servers that can act as game lobbies. Here, gamers look for game hosts that can accommodate them in terms of number of players and ping rate.

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