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Monday, August 08, 2005
  custom- Accessories your iPod with these
Apple calls it the “iPod economy.” The hundreds of accessories that can be bought to adorn and adapt your white icon are driving a business market in themselves.

Apple supplies a wealth of wonders, but a cottage industry of suppliers has also developed, many of whom have a presence on the Web, while major manufactures are getting in on the accessories act, too.

But with a plethora of purchases on offer, how do you separate the best from the rest? Here’s a guide to the Top 10 iPod accessories.

Bose SoundDock

This digital music system, one of the Apple store’s top sellers, works with third-generation and later iPods, providing good room-filling sound, despite being quite small, while charging your iPod at the same time.

It comes with a credit-card sized remote control and aesthetically fits in with Apple’s trademark style. An additional adaptor is needed for iPod photo models, and it is not compatible with the shuffle.

Logic3 i-Station

If you want a more portable purchase for outdoor listening, Logic3’s i-Station is a reasonably priced dock and speaker set, which, again, allow you to listen and charge at the same time.

Its 6 watts, 2.5in subwoofer might not sound a lot, but it gives good sound, helped by the 3D sound processor.

It is powered by a supplied AC mains adaptor or four optional AA batteries.

Weighing 400g at an A5 size, it is easy to carry around. It is compatible with the 3G, 4G mini and photo iPods, but be sure to shop around online as there are often cheaper buys out there.

Belkin headphone splitter

If you don’t want your iPod to turn you into an anti-social soundster, then grab one of these – the ultimate in romantic accessories.

The white device allows a single iPod to connect to two sets of headphones, so you never have to listen and be lonely again. For hose with a shuffle, there is the compact XtermeMac Audio Splitter from the Apple store.

Logitech Bluetooth handsfree headphones

If you have wireless at home, you’ll know the joy getting away from the ball-and-chain of electrical lines.

These made-for-iPod headphones come with a Bluetooth adaptor that plugs into the top of all models, offering you fuss-free listening.

You can control song selection and volume from a dial on the headphones – so if you are now embarrassed by your colourful choice of pink iPod mini, keep it tucked away in your bag and listen on.

Bang & Olufsen A8 earphones

In the words of Fischerspooner, “looks good, sounds good, and feels good too.”

Yes it’s ironic that while MP3s have lower sound quality than CDs, manufactures can feed our audio insecurities with these high-quality beauties.

Bang & Olufsen earphones are perfect if you want to get away from the white-washer look without compromising on style, and they’ll also make the most of any recent podcast-ready iPod purchases.

They might hurt your wallet, but your ears will thank the fine frequency range and adjustable earphones.

Griffin iTrip

The original FM transmitter is still the best, says, an accessories extravaganza site.

Griffin’s iTrip, like all the copycat devices out there, allows you to play tunes stored on your iPod through any Fm radio.

With no battreries, no wires and no power switch, the iTrip simply plugs into the top of your iPod, allowing you to tune into any radio station for the most crackle-free sound.

The mini size, however, means they’re easy to lose – or maybe that’s just me. For those with poor quality radios, try a cassette adapter, such as Monster’s iCarPlay.

Griffin iTalk

iPod Lounge, a comprehensive accessories site, also rates Griffin as the best maker of digital voice recording device.

Pitted against Belkin’s Universal Microphone Adaptor, the iTalk comes to top because of its ability to use a built-in microphones as well as connected external input and output devices to record sound up to 30 feet away.
Compatible with 3G, 4G and photo iPods, the iTalk’s automatic gain control records the best sound without you having to fiddle with controls.

After recording a lecture, song or conversation, play it back pn you headphones or the integrated speaker (although the quality is not as good on the speaker), or download it on your computer.

Apple armband

If you went to the Silent Disco festival at Glastonbury in Britain, you’d know that you no longer need to listen to the same music as your mates to have a good time in a tent.

Armed with a pair of provided headphones, Silent Disco types could tune in to one of two DJ sets offered by the onstage turntablists.

But if you want to make the party even more personal, slap an iPod mini on your arm with this cool-looking Apple armband, available in blue, grey, pink, and yellow or orange.

If shuffling on the dance floor is more your thing, get a white one specifically designed for the iPod shuffle.

Apple iPod camera connector

The hype is right – an iPod is about more than just audio. This device lets you transfer digital photos from your camera to your iPod so you can carry them with you.
However, it requires iPod software v1.1 and is only compatible with the iPod photo and certain cameras (see for those that have been tested by Apple. Other cameras may work, but it is not guaranteed).

Although pictures can take a while to transfer, and thus drain the battery, it is still a good device for photo enthusiasts and cheaper than other options.

Apple World Travel Kit

What’s the point in having all this gear if you arrive at your holiday destination only to find you don’t have the right adaptor plug?
Problem solved with this set of six AC plugs that support outlets in North America, Japan, China, Britain, Ireland, continental Europe, South Korea, Australia and Hong Kong.
Use the white portable power adaptor that comes with all iPods, and you’re sorted – Guardian Newspapers :td.

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