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Sunday, August 28, 2005
  Online programs for quick revision

You know cramming the night (or even the morning) before an exam takes longer and is less effective than a few short periods of calm study in the weeks before, but at the end of a long day do you break out the books and settle down to watch something incredibly on the idiot box?

After hours of study at school and tuition, only the truly dedicated go for the study burn; most of the rest of humanity settle for quiet hour of Scooby Doo or MTV.

If you have a computer at home, however, there are few tricks and tools that can help you organise useful revision time fairly painlessly. Among the best-kept secrets in the world are Luzius Schneider’s Quiz and Calculus programs at

Calcul is designed to help you improve your arithmetic. Click on Choice on the menu bar and then select what sort of arithmetic you want o practise: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or fraction.

Click on New and answer the questions. There is a voice telling you if your answers are right or wrong, and there is a pie chart to show your percentage of correct responses.

Once you have feel of the program<








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