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Sunday, August 07, 2005
  online tips- online cookies
When you visit a Web site, the site may deposit a small text file, called a cookie, on your hard drive.

Cookies store information about you and enable the Web site to retrieve this information on visits subsequent to your first visit.

The idea is for the Web site to serve you better. The cookie, for example, may store your preferences or user ID, which makes it unnecessary for you to state your preferences or enter your user ID on subsequent occasions when you visit the Web site.

Perhaps you've had the experience of visiting a Web site, being asked to identify yourself, and discovering your user ID already entered on the Web page that asks for your ID. Your ID is already there because a cookie on your hard drive has identified you.

Some people believe that cookies violate their privacy because they leave a trail of the Web sites you have visited. For this reason, most Web browsers allow you to turn off cookies.

If cookies don't concern you, here's the path to enable these morsels of information:

* Internet Explorer: Choose Tools-->Internet Options, and select the Privacy tab in the Options dialog box. Make sure that the Settings slider isn't pushed to the topmost setting, Block All Cookies.

* Mozilla: Choose Edit-->Preferences and, in the Preferences dialog box, select the Privacy & Security category and then the Cookies subcategory. Make sure that the Block Cookies option button is not selected.

-cookies, want some?-

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