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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  online tips- Why blog?

With blogs climbing up the ranks of essential reading material for many, one cannot help but wonder what makes the symbiotic relationship between the reader and blogger thrive?

Reading blogs can consume a sizeable chunk of time every day. Depending on how dynamic they are, they would elicit a riposte – positive, negative, on inane. Topics are endless, ranging from news and social commentaries, responsible drug use (an oxymoron by itself), to food and family.

Controversial blogs do appear and these are not short on popularity, especially salacious ones. From reality TV to digital diaries, everyone is looking out for the next big thing.

Readers’ insatiable appetite pushes for search of the next high regardless the cost. But the very trait that pushes the boundaries of innovation betrays us in the end as common sense is overridden by the lust for something different.

Let us start from the following premise. At the very basic level, people blog because they like it.

Hacking away at the keyboard beats the painfully slow method of writing. Technology is used to do things more efficiently in order to pack in more tasks in 24 hours.

For the blogger, the first love, so to speak, is to pen down one’s thoughts onto a digital medium. But surely, this makes it less private than a diary kept under lock and key.

In a perverse manner, we do not want people to read about our musings. Nonetheless, there is something satisfying about stirring up the minds of the reader.

As the cogs and wheels of the brain turns, interaction in born. Both blogger and reader have entered onto a new level never possible with the traditional pen and paper diary.

Savoring the initial taste of response, does the original pure intent of blogging prevail? Doubtfully so.

The battle lines are drawn unconsciously. And the blogger now stares at his screen, thinking. He has departed from typing down his thoughts instantaneously without care – he now thinks.

He no longer blogs for him, to release stress of tension – but he blogs for the audience.

What would make a good article? Will the story of an encounter with the L’oreal salesgirl at Jusco make an interesting read to a growing base of readers, or will blogging about the ups and downs of relationships be more reader-friendly.

Once the best topic is chosen, it is carefully fleshed out by painting the event with words.

Perfectionists check the sentence structure so as not to step on the toes of grammar Nazis while the more adventurous bloggers post pictures of personal events that border on the controversial.

Considering the foregoing, some might claim that they still blog in the vein of their original intent – to just plant their thoughts in a digital form, with the option of interaction between blogger and reader.

Unfortunately for them, writing an article and putting it up for the whole world to see while providing an avenue for the readers to voice out their opinions undermines the intention of “writing for oneself”.

If you really want to write for yourself without giving two hoots about readers, then kindly make use of word processor and filing cabinet, do not post it up on the Net for the entire world to discover your as-of-yet- untold story.

Inevitably, the more outspoken blogs garner a wide array of readers. Camps are established, with a few trolls rearing their ugly heads occasionally.

There is a certain weight of expectation on the blogger to keep the audience riveted. And there are gems floating out there now: local bloggers who have been at it for the past four years of so.

They have grown beyond the childish obsession of hits, because blogging provides as almost therapeutic function for them.

Blog space is a place they call home – where your rants will see a comforting word or two when the chips are down. Some friendships are forged at this point of time as the surreal distinction between real-life and Internet friends are blurred.

The end product, however, is an antithesis to why people blog in the first place, and only a select few do not cross the line of serving the hit counter. These are the ones who relax in a public sanctuary of words amid the swirling seas of both supportive and detractive comments alike. They have conquered their own ego during the pursuit of blogging.

-why blog?-

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