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Friday, August 19, 2005
  try ar- home users: building webpages with Nvu
Home users who want to build their own webpages instead of using somebody else’s prefab templates haven’t had great options.

Microsoft’s US$199 FrontPage is a clunky product that produces clunky pages, and higher-end products such as Adobe’s GoLive and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, each US$399, are far too complicated and expensive for home use.

Nvu (pronounced “n-view”), provides a much-needed alternative.

This open-source release comes from Linux distributor Linspire, but it runs in Windows and Mac OS X.

It does what other web creation programs only premise: make it easy to create webpages without your having to learn the peculiar argot of the Web’s Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

Nvu looks and works like a word processor: you type text into a blank page, then click on one toolbar button or another to add formatting, insert images or stitch in links to other sites.

(Unlike Microsoft Word and its ilk, however, Nvu can’t check your spelling as you type, only afterward.)

You can tinker with the HTML tags in your page’s source code that will instruct other web browsers how to display it – but that’s strictly optional. Everything here can be done with slip and click of the mouse.

Nvu’s capabilities extend beyond simple, cookie-cutter web fodder; you can craft fairly complex pages, then assemble groups of them into simple sites.

You can also set up templates, so that once you have a look you like, you can use it again.

Although Nvu does rely on some older, less-efficient workarounds to encode page designs into HTML (for instance, using tables to pin text and graphics in place), pages produced with it still looked clean, and they were rendered properly in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. - LAT-WP
-home user: building webpages-

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