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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
  zoneH- Securing Wi-Fi access

With some home having more than one computer, setting up a wireless network is and easy way of giving internet access to all the computers from one access point.
But this wireless connection means that anyone with a wireless-enabled computer or device within a 10-metre range is also able to connect to your network.
Your wireless access point should come with security features to protect your wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) connection but it however, may not be enough to prevent other people form trying to connect to your network.

With the following software, you’ll not only be able to detect if there are unauthorized users trying to tap into your network, but in some cases, you can better manage and secure your network.

Publisher: Digital Matrix
Download site:
File size: 10.96MB
License: free

AirSnare is a tool that lets you know if a wireless-enabled device is trying to use your Wi-Fi network.

It not only shows unfriendly Media Access Control (MAC) addresses but will also alert you if there are any unauthorized dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) requests

When AirSnare detects an unknown MAC address, you will have the option to track down its access to the internet protocol (IP) addresses and ports. Or you can launch Ethereal, protocol analyzer when unknown MAC address is detected.

2) LucidLink Home Office Edition 2.22
Publisher: Interlink Networks, Inc
Download site:
File size: 36.29MB
License: free

Earlier in May this year, Interlink Networks announced that it is extending its free offer for LucidLink Home Office Edition until year-end.

LucidLink Home Office Edition can automatically set up routers for some manufacturers like D-Link and Linksys, and not only blocks unauthorized access but also encrypts wireless data.

This download includes a wireless client that provides a secured connection to the network and a security management console for authorization on the network.
You’ll have to provide a name and email address to get the free download.

Interlink will then e-mail a product download link and the serial number to help you use their offering.

This home office edition gives you a license for up to three wireless users.
3) myWIFIzone Internet Access Blocker 2.0
Download site:
File size: 917KB
License: free

Here’s another free program to stop unauthorized nerwork access. It alerts you in real-time whenever there is any unauthorized access, regardless of whether there’s an attempt to access the internet or not.

Information about any intrusion or blockage can be saved to a log file to be viewed later.

Information that will be logged include time and date of the event as well as MAC and IP addresses of the intruder.

You can also use myWIFIzone Internet Access Blocker 2.0 to choose which network to monitor.

-secure your wireless zone-

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