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Thursday, September 01, 2005
  blackhole- You Can Call Amazon, EBay, and Other Web Businesses
You Can Call Amazon, EBay, and Other Web Businesses

Sometimes the best e-mail and chat support in the world is no substitute for a conversation with a real person.

But that kind of talk isn't cheap, so to cut costs, Net-based companies like Amazon often make their phone numbers hard to find.

Not to worry: A site called Cliché Ideas has dug them up:

* Amazon: 800/201-7575
* EBay: 800/322-9266

Security Center Can Be Muted

I keep my Windows system pretty well secured, but somehow that doesn't prevent Windows' Security Center from informing me that 'Your computer might be at risk' every morning when I turn on my computer.

That message gets old fast. To banish it for good, go to Start, Control Panel, Security Center. Then click Change the way Security Center alerts me in the resources box and uncheck all of the boxes on the resulting screen.

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