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Thursday, September 01, 2005
  online tips- quick short tips
Spammer turn interest to snowflaking
spammers started making every message different -- sometimes radically different, using a technique called snowflaking.

Microsoft Windows: Finding a Window That's Off the Edge of the Screen
Even a window at the top of the pile can be nearly invisible. A window can be moved anywhere on the Windows Me desktop, including off the screen. In fact, you can inadvertently move 99 percent of a window off the screen, leaving just a tiny corner showing

Sending a "Sorry, I'm Away" Message
tell Yahoo! Mail (and other e-mail) to automatically reply to all who send you e-mail while you're away.

Killing the Messenger
Many people think of Windows Messenger as an intrusive time sink, only marginally more annoying than having a swarm of killer bees take up residence on a motherboard.

Using CSS Versus Deprecated HTML
tips tuning websites.

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